The Panem Chronicles
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4 Point Tier:

-small foodstuffs (nuts, dried fruit, dried meat, etc)

-Eating items (dull knife, fork, canteen, etc)

-small miscellaneous objects (marbles, rubber bands, etc)

6 Point Tier:

-Medium foodstuffs (stew, bread, cheese, tofu dogs, etc)

-Rope, twine, metal wire, net

-Canteen full of water

-minor medicines (pain killers, aloe vera, etc)

8 Point Tier:

-Small melee weapons (knife, lead pipe, etc)

-Weak ranged weapons (throwing stars, slingshot, bolas, etc)

-Stronger Chemicals (morphling, acid, poison)

-Medium Miscellaneous (binoculars, Copper wire, etc)

10 Point Tier:

-Stronger melee weapons (Scimitar, short sword, sickle, axe, etc)

-Stronger ranged weapons (crossbow, boomerang, percussion grenade etc)

-Strongest Medicine (Burn ointment, Antidotes, etc)

-Send a package to another tribute (10 points + cost of item)

12 Point Tier:

-Strongest Melee Weapons (Trident, spear, Great sword, Sythe, etc)

-Strongest Ranged Weapons (Bow and Quiver of arrows (X10), etc)

-Technology Weapons (landmines, taser, etc)

If you would like something that isn’t on this list, please feel free to leave a message in our Ask Box describing the item, and we will contact you with the price.