The Panem Chronicles
And This Is Where We End

Fauna used her small size to her advantage, though she was smaller and had overall weaker strength than a girl of 18, she was much harder to catch and quicker than one too. This added to the fact that she had taken off her crystal necklace that hung around her neck that allowed Onyx to clearly see her made her even more dangerous. Even though the glass orb that hung from the ceiling still shed light around the area, it became harder to see Fauna due to her removing the necklace, thus helping her. As Fauna ran for the district 4 girl, she knew that her strongest weapon were the chains that she had gotten from the bloodbath, they had been her weapon of choice, so to speak. This knowledge of the chains would influence her to keep her distance when running for Onyx. Fauna ran in zig zags towards  Onyx, occasionally moving directions so the girl from 4 would have a hard time trying to keep track of her, due to the lack of light, and so she wouldn’t be able to easily hit her. Fauna knew her plan was working when Onyx lashed out with her chain and she missed Fauna, this caused her to lose her defense a little, this was when Fauna would strike. Fauna quickly sprinted forward and stomped as hard as she could on Onyxs foot, leaving her foot on top of Onyxs while exuding pressure on it. Immediately after, Fauna shoved Onyx as hard as she could backward in hopes that she would trip over Faunas foot and fall into the water. Onyx lost her balance and then fell backwards into the chilling waters that surrounded them both. Onyx fell, but not without taking Fauna with her. Onyx had wrapped the chain around Faunas leg before she fell, causing the weight of the district 4 girl to bring Fauna down as well. Faunas eyes widened  as she and Onyx crashed into the frigid waters, she couldn’t stay like this for long or Onyx would get the upper hand. Fauna kicked somewhat blindly for a few seconds until she felt her foot hit something. She heard Onyx scream in pain in response and Fauna felt her grip on her loosen. With one last kick Fauna released herself from Onyx’s grasp and scrambled back up to her feet. Fauna could feel Onyx trying to grab her foot back and drag her back but she wouldn’t have it happen again. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her gun, the gun she got from Nero that had 5 bullets left in it. She turned and quickly fired a shot down at where she could feel Onyx trying to grab her. Fauna heard another scream of pain and felt the grip on her loosen yet again. She stomped one last time on Onyxs fingers before running away and turning to face the girl again.

Fauna was panting and she could hear Onyx panting as well. Through the dim light, Fauna could see Onyx slowly stand up and hold her arm carefully, that must be where Fauna shot her, in her forearm. She could also make out Onyx trying to flex her fingers but to no avail, that must have been due to Faunas constant thrashing and kicking. Fauna felt absolutely terrible, but she knew that she had to do this to survive. She looked at her gun, she still had 4 bullets left, she would have to save these. She still had managed to keep the wine she put in her mouth in her mouth from earlier, this might be the thing that kept her from death, she didn’t want to waste it. Fauna was getting ready to rush Onyx again, but this time, she noticed, Onyx was running for her and was ready to kill.

Onyx was running for Fauna, swinging her chains wildly in the air, the intent to kill all over her face. She lashed forward with the chain, to which Fauna used her small figure and stature to dodge. However Onyx lashed out again almost immediately after, this time she managed to catch Fauna on the back of her leg. She internally in pain as she felt the stinging sensation of the chains lash against her leg. Fauna stumbled forward, and Onyx tackled her to the ground using Faunas moment of weakness. Fauna turned on her back as half of her head was covered in water, she looked up with wide eyes to see Onyx preparing to finish this. However, Fauna had other things in mind. She looked Onyx in the face and took careful aim, then in a sudden motion she spat out the wine she had been holding in her mouth at Onyxs face, the wine spewed all over her face and went into her eyes as well. Onyx screamed and loosened up her grip on Fauna, trying to get the wine out of her face and eyes. Fauna quickly gripped her gun and slammed it across Onyxs face. Fauna wasn’t done yet, she then tucked her legs close to her and then sent a barrage of quick rabbit kicks into Onyxs gut. With each kick Onyx was hurt more and more, physically and emotionally. On the last kick Fauna sent both of her feet rocketing at Onyxs torso, her feet connected and Onyx flew off of the girl from 6. Fauna quickly scampered back toward the edge of the arena, the rocks, away from Onyx. As Fauna felt the rocks for anything she could use, she found what felt like a small keyhole. Gasping to herself, Fauna fooled around inside her pockets for the fish shaped key she had gotten in the bloodbath. She fished it out of her pocket (hehe) and then jammed it inside the keyhole without turning it yet, this was the hole the key was meant to be used for. Fauna turned to see Onyx back on her feet and running towards her. Fauna looked back to the key shaped hole and quickly held onto the key, ready to turn it. She turned to face Onyx, who was still running at her, and twisted the key, wondering what it would do. Fauna heard a soft mechanical clanking sound and looked down to see that the glass she was standing on was slowly moving inwards. Fauna immediately got an idea. She stepped back to the edge of the glass, and right as Onyx got up close to her and swung her weapons, Fauna jumped into the water below, watching from under water as Onyx looked around confused as to where Fauna had gone. Fauna took out her gun and then slowly pointed it out of the surface, it would be near impossible to see because it was black, the water was black due to the lack of light, and Fauna wasn’t wearing her crystal necklace. Fauna could see Onyx’s outline clearly though, after all the light from the orb hanging from the ceiling casted an outline around Onyx which Fauna could clearly see. She took careful aim and then squeezed the trigger of the gun.

A loud bang sounded through the cave and Fauna peeked her head slowly out of the water to see if she had hit her. Fauna saw Onyx staring there, clutching her chest which was now bleeding heavily. She had gotten her after all, right in the chest near the heart. Fauna saw Onyx look at her, a scared expression on her face. Suddenly Onyx’s expression turned to one of happiness. Before Fauna could question it her eyes widened in horror as she saw Onyx fall backwards onto the glass. Fauna quickly scampered up out of the water and ran to the side of Onyx, whose blood was now pouring out of her chest like a river. Fauna knew that her ally was doomed, that she was going to die thanks to her. Fauna knelt beside her and grabbed her hand in hers. Onyx raised her hand and then brushed it against Fauna’s cheek, drawing a picture of some sort with her own blood. “Little Bambi…are you ok?” Fauna held back a cry of sadness. “Yes, Onyx,…little Bambi is ok…” Fauna started to feel the tears running down her face and onto Onyx’s bleeding chest, she didn’t want this, she just…she just wanted both of them to live. Fauna was shocked when Bambi reached for the gun and pointed it towards her head, a smile on her face. Faunas hand shook, she didn’t want to do this, she didn’t want any of this. “It’s ok Bambi…do it.” Fauna cried as she saw Onyx close her eyes, still with a smile on her face. Fauna weeped, closed her eyes, and then pulled the trigger. A cannon fired. Fauna opened her eyes and saw Onyx, bullet wound in the head, dead. Fauna threw her arms over Onyx and wept, she wept hard and she wept for what felt like forever. Her tears mixed with Onyx’s blood and she sat there, weeping and screaming Onyx’s name. It wasn’t until she felt a dart hit the back of her neck and she slowly began to lose consciousness did she realize she was going back to the capitol, and then, home.

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This Is Where We Begin

Onyx Prep

Prior to final battle: Onyx paints her crystal dark so the glow makes her harder to see. She using her paint and mixes it all together to make a brow/black and coats her body in it. She camoflauges herself in the dark cave the best she can. She knew her ally had a gun. She couldn’t hide or run long from that. She pulls out chunks of her hair and fists it, ready to use it later.

Onyx knew it was just her and Bambi left. She knew one of them would have to kill the other. In her own frazzled mind. She kept silent and scratched at her skin. She felt out of control, she needed to hurt someone or something but oh it couldn’t be her Bambi. Leaving behind lines of blood in her skin. She lurked behind Fauna, keeping the ally in front of her. ‘Kill her’ the voices said in her hair, and Onyx whimpered, clawing at her face.

Fauna Prep
So this was how it would end, two allies facing one another, a  12 year old and an 18 year old, a mentally stable tribute and a mentally unstable one. 2 totally different girls, only one would become victor. Fauna and Onyx had been delivered to the sacred ground of Atlantis shortly after Shawn and Via were attacked by the Leviathan. When Fauna and Onyx landed, the little District 6 girl knew that they were the last two alive and that they would have to fight to the death. They stood inside what looked like a cavern, rocks with strange symbols on them, and a giant orb overhead that illuminated a dim blue light over the fighting area. Looking down, Fauna saw and felt the cool water that splashed around her ankles. She could barely make out the outline of the glass that she and Onyx were standing on, but she knew it was there. She glanced up and saw Onyx a short distance away, shaking in place and looking around frantically. The poor girl, Fauna thought. She and Onyx had formed a very unlikely alliance at the beginning of the games, but it seemed to pay off in their favor after all. It was a shame, it truly was, to have to kill the girl she had grown to love like a big sister. Fauna wiped a tear that had fallen down her cheek away from her face, it was time, time to end all of this, here and now. Fauna looked at Onyx, who despite seeming oblivious to what she was in for, seemed to know that she and Fauna would have to kill each other, and it pained her. Fauna called out, “I’m so sorry…Onyx…but we have to do this…” Onyx nodded her head, she did understand after all. That made it worse. Fauna removed the glowing crystal that was around her neck and pocketed it so its light wouldn’t shine around her. Next she took one of her small pots full of wine and took some of the fine wine into her mouth, not to drink, but to use for later in case she needed to. She gripped her supplies, and with one last tear shed, she took off running for Onyx.

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So results should be posted in a few hours.

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The Leviathan was too busy killing Via and Shawn to notice Onyx and Fauna escape to the city of Atlantis.

The remaining tributes we escorted to the sacred ground of Atlantis.


Under the water was a later of glass since none of you are the chosen ones or Jesus so no walking on water.

You only have the items you have acquired during your time here. The only light you have is from the glowing orb above and the crystals around your necks.

Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Due NEXT Monday at 11pm EST

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Via didn’t submit so she sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Lower and lower she went until her capsule hit the sea floor. It was not the lack of oxygen that killed her.

It was the Leviathan.

Shawn was a different story. He ran for the capsule and closed the door behind him. He watched as the lava covered his new safe haven. The capsule and Shawn were suddenly sent falling into the ocean. Quickly, Shawn searched for the key. However he never specified what the key was. He did not know exactly what he was searching for. Which is unfortunate seeing as how the key was in his backpack. The key happened to be the grappling hook given to each tribute by their stylists.

It wasn’t long until the Leviathan found him too…

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Onyx woke up long before little Bambi did. She sat close to her little ally.Tears rolled down Onyx’s face, her own mind torturing her. She saw things, thing that weren’t real. Horrid, disgusting things, clawing at her skin. Her own hands trying to rip them away but all she did was tear her own skin apart. Her nails were caked with her own blood. She mumbled to herself, whispering it was going to be okay. Her hands covered her ears and she rocked back and forth, mumbling. She sang to herself, a little tune she remember her mom singing to her. Tears flowed harder down her face.

“May all your dreams bloom like daisies in the sun. May you always have stars in your eyes. May you not stop running on until your race is won. May you always have blue skies. A dream is something all your own to keep within your heart. To build on when you’re glad or when your world’s been torn apart. A dream is something all your own that no one else can steal.A dream is something you can make come real…” Onyx sang softly to sooth herself, her hands fell loose to braid Bambi’s hair.

Onyx knew what she had to do to save them both and she got up. She left Bambi and grabbed her things, grabbing Bambi’s fish shaped key. She found Bexxie in a room and  she stepped in. She wedged the door shut, so there would be no escaping.

Onyx stepped forward, decorated in her previous kills blood. A wicked smile on her face. “You can make this quick… or you can me this drawn out… it’s up to you little girl”

Onyx lashed out at her and  chained her to a pole, and cracked her head against it. Onx forced the girls hand against the metal pole and splayed out her fingers.

“One, two, three, four, five. Once I caught a fish alive. Six, seven, eight, nine ,ten. Then I let it go again. Why did you let it go? Because it bit my finger so. Which finger did it bite? This little finger on the right.” Onyx took the key and sawed off the little finger. “Now lets repeat!” Onyx sang the song again, sawing off Bexxie’s fingers one by one till all 10 were gone.

Onyx unscrewed a jar of her paint and dipped the brush into it.  She forced the paint into Bexxie’s eyes and mouth. Letting the paint sting and burn the girls eyes.

Onyx took her paintbrush and jabbed it repeatedly into Bexxie’s neck, letting the blood mix with the paint.

The girls cannon fired and Onyx ran back to Fauna and woke her up. “Come on lets go! Were getting out of here.”

The two girls went to the two vehicles at the bottom of the submarine.

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After forever I’m finally writing results

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The tasks have been posted in the Shawn and Bexxie posts.

Due Sunday at 11pm est

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Fantasy: Bexxie Crush

Bexxie wandered around the submarine. She casually messed with the controls and sent the submarine even deeper into the ocean. The very large submarine started to have leakage.
“Tributes there are vehicle type things at the bottom level of the submarine. They will get you around while in the water. There are only 2 so go kill the 3rd person. The crystals around your neck have lit up. Which means you are in Atlantis territory. Celebrate wheeee.”
K the task is to just escape the submarine. Make your way to Atlantis. You can interact with the natives if you like.

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Reality: Shawn

Shawn woke up the next day after a hard day of running and moving and barely sleeping at all. Shawn got up and started to walk around the arena. He was surprised about how big it was. While walking around, he sipped some water and just kept walking. He saw the showdown between Aia and Lance. It was a good thing that he was far away from the explosion otherwise he would be flying. He ducked into a secure building and layed there for the night.

The arena started rumbling. Over in the distance, the volcano was in the beginning stages of eruption. “Attention tributes! This city is about to be covered with lava. Unless you want to die I suggest you getting into the capsules that will appear once this message is over. They will protect you from the eruption. Where you end up after…well leave that up to the force of nature. Your challenge would be how you get out of the capsule. You will have to find the keyhole and insert the key. Using the key you will have to break through the lava rock that will be formed by the time you try to escape. You must keep in mind what you will face when you finally do escape. It does not take a genius to know where you will be. Just look around…”
The capsules slid up from and opening in the ground.

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